Vaccinating and Deworming Your Pet

Vaccinations are an important part in keeping your pet healthy. By vaccinating you are protecting your pet from disease and infections, such as canine parvo virus and rabies. Some of these diseases can be fatal, and are highly contagious. Rabies is a reportable disease that can be transmitted to humans and is almost always fatal.

You should start vaccinating your pets at 6 weeks of age, followed by 2 booster vaccines 3-4 weeks apart. With the third booster vaccine they will also recive the rabies vaccine. These vaccines will be good for 1 year, after which time they should be boostered again. At this point the vaccinations will be good for 3 years. While they will be good for three years we still highly recommend regular visits to ensure your pet is in good health.

Pets can pick up worms anywhere. Just because your pets are indoor doesn’t mean they’re not at risk. Deworming should be done regularly, however timing varies depending on the product being used. Talk to your veterinarian to determine the best product to suit your pet’s needs.

For more information about getting your pet vaccinated or dewormed please contact us.