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Large Animal Services

Field Service

We offer a wide range of primary health and preventive care services to help keep your livestock healthy and productive. Our team will give your animal or herd a thorough checkup and ensure that all preventive health measures are up-to-date.

Specialized Services

In addition to routine veterinary care, Hometown Vet provides a variety of clinical and specialized services for large animals including internal medicine, medical imaging, reproduction, surgery and ophthalmology , among others.

  • Bovine Services
  • Equine Services
  • Ruminant Services

Equine Examinations

Equine exams are completed for multiple reasons such as herd health’s, pre purchase exams or if any medical issues arise with your 4 legged friends.

Heard Health Examination

Allows our Doctor to ensure overall health of your horses, which gives you a vet client patient relationship.

Pre Purchase Examination

The purpose of this is to check if the horse has any pre-existing health conditions which may affect its ability to perform the activity it is intended for.

Equine Dental Floats

Horses have hypsodont teeth which means their teeth continually erupt throughout their lives and are worn away by grinding feed material on their occlusal (chewing) surfaces. The act of grinding can cause sharp edges in your horse’s mouth which can lead to gum ulcerations and sores.
Horses have anywhere from 36-42 teeth. The range depends on if they are males or females and how many canines they develop.

Equine Gelding

Gelding a horse is a surgery that removes the testicles of the male horse. This is done to help eliminate unwanted aggressive male behaviors and prevents the animal from reproducing.

Equine Therapeutic Laser

Laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, light-based therapy that uses red and infrared light waves to target inflamed or injured tissues, muscles and connective tissue. Some of the uses of laser therapy for equine lameness disorders can be tendon injuries, osteoarthritis, wound healing and back disorders.

Bovine Examinations / Heard Health

Bovine exams are done if anything medical arises with your cow such as lameness, abscess, mastitis, eye issues, etc… Bovine exams can also be done to your entire herd to ensure overall health of your herd. They are also give you a vet client patient relationship to get medications or vaccinations when needed within 1 year of the exam.

Bovine Semen Testing

A semen analysis evaluates the physical characteristics of a bull which are necessary for mobility around the pasture, structural soundness, and overall internal and external reproductive tract development. Under the microscope, the sample is examined for gross motility and motility of individual sperm cells. Then all bulls are given a score that classifies them as a satisfactory
breeder, questionable potential breeder, or a unsatisfactory.

Bovine Pregnancy Checking

Bovine pregnancy checking is done to evaluate herd and bull fertility, to help monitor herd reproductive health and to approximate calving dates. There are two methods that can be used which are done through palpation or using an ultrasound.


Manual palpation is the original way of identifying pregnant or open cows. During manual palpation, the doctors arm enters the rectum and the reproductive tract is palpated through the rectal wall.


Ultrasound is an imaging method that uses sound waves to produce images of internal structures. Ultrasound has been used a lot more as its very convenient and easier method of identifying pregnant or open cows.

Bovine C-Sections

C-section also known as cesareans are done in emergent situations when the calf can’t be delivered vaginally due to complications. In a c-section an incision is made through the abdominal wall into the abdomen to isolate the uterus. Then an incision is made through the uterus in order to deliver the calf.